System localization of explosion and fire

RSBP spol. s r.o. provides a wide range of protection products and services in the field of fire and explosion prevention.
Anti-explosion systems protect equipment against explosions; services evaluate and prevent possible explosion development.

The company strategy shall protect your equipment, since it already solves explosion protection in a design stage. Our solutions correspond to ATEX 137 legislation.

The company designs and complexly solves safety of industrial plants and separate technologies from points of view of fire and explosion prevention, risk analysis, engineering, and documentation according to ATEX 137 regulation.
Our projects are performed from a design stage, through delivery of material and installation to setting into operation and service personnel instruction.

RSBP provides engineering solutions with regard to safety standards, regulations, and directives valid in Czech Republic and abroad, as well as state-of-the-art technology. A complex solution of explosion protection is made by means of expert evaluation, where types and numbers of safety elements, and other aspects, for instance safety procedure of a technological process, safety zones, measures concerning electric devices and electrostatics, technical solutions for current equipment and machines, signalization and emergency stops, putting into operation after an emergency event like explosion, and other technical and safety measures related to explosion protection are considered.

Expert evaluation and survey of specific technological process and corresponding equipment by our experts enables a plant operator, or designer, to evaluate a degree of an explosion risk, as well as its reduction or complete elimination by means of appropriate measures. Expert evaluation should be performed at a stage of project documentation with possibility to actively participate in the most effective technical solution for explosion protection while maintaining all technological requirements. Unprofessional design of explosion and fire protection elements can lead in many cases even to increased explosion effects rather than to their suppression. Our expert opinions are accepted by state authorities, which approve industrial equipment for operation.

We develop and manufacture our own anti-explosion equipment as well as fire protection equipment. We guarantee full service of all the components we market, inside and outside of the warranty periods. We guarantee the same service for parts we import. We co-operate with insurance companies that determine explosion and fire risks in industrial setting and this way determine the plant safety.

References about our activities and results of our work can be attested to by many Czech and foreign companies, to which we provided consulting services, explosion and fire protection equipment, and complex fire and explosion safety solutions. The references can be obtained upon request.

Automatic extinguishing systems
Explosion isolation system
Explosion suppression system
Explosion venting system


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