Sleeve-type and bag-type filters

We offer sleeve-type and bag-type air purification filters which are made from nonwoven materials, bushing-type and tube-type filters adapted to industrial dust collection. The products meet the requirements of modern technology. The partner of the company "Remark Kayser" has wide experience in production and realization of these products on international markets. Modern production process and application of the results of scientific researches in practice allow to offer top quality filters and select optimal solutions as regards efficiency of filtration.
The exclusive position on the market is determined by knowledge, experience as well as support of the business partner "Remark Kayser" which cooperates with the companies "Sandler", "DuPont", "InspecFibres".
Top quality of our products is ensured by:
  • Modern and environment-friendly production technology
  • Automated production line used
  • Absolute recycling guarantee
  • High-quality raw material (filtering materials, silicone-free threads and high-quality adhesives)
  • Multidimensional quality control
  • The quality standard ISO 9001:2000

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